Local Crime Databases

What to do when schools are involved

Involving schools

  • Is there a tackling homophobic incident/ bullying/ crime policy?
  • Is it part of improving behaviour generally? Standards website
  • Is there a reporting system – Centralised?
  • Using Safer Schools / Healthy Schools/ Teachernet/ Spell it out/ Other package / Social and emotional aspects of learning (SEAL)?
  • Reputation management

Tools for tackling criminal damage / vandalism/ graffiti

  • Use of Fixed Penalty Notices and Antisocial Behaviour powers.

Increasing reporting

  • Internet / police stations/ telephone / text/ third party centres/ other service providers/ assisted/ self reporting
  • Support for victims and witnesses


  • Have you target hardened?
  • Risk Assessment
  • Preventing repeat victimisation, Tackling trends / patterns
  • Changes to service provision
  • Personal safety advice