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Q. How does the closure of CRC affect policing? CRC is not responsible for the training of police officers. The Centre’s work concentrates on the learning and information needs of community safety practitioners and crime & disorder reduction partnerships and… Continue Reading…


We will deal with hate crimes We will promote the development of groups representing disadvantaged communities with our residents and our partners. We will work to increase community groups’ access to resources and help them to help those experiencing discrimination… Continue Reading…


Equality and Diversity East North East Homes Leeds will promote equality, inclusiveness and social justice for all our residents and staff. East North East Homes Leeds values the rich social and cultural diversity of our area’s communities. We will make… Continue Reading…


When you report a Hate Crime this is what you can expect from us, we will: Act on hate crime incidents reported within the same day. With your permission, pass on information to the Police, Anti Social Behaviour Unit and… Continue Reading…


Hate Crime What is Hate Crime? A hate crime incident is when you, your family or your property is subjected to violence or damage because of your disability, gender identity, race, religion or sexual orientation. Hate crime may include one… Continue Reading…


CRIME ROUND-UP: Warning after scam callers claim to be police POLICE have received two separate reports from local women receiving scam phone calls from individuals purporting to be from the force. In the first incident, a woman from Lyme Regis… Continue Reading…

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